How to Find Out Your Significant Others Ring Size Secretly

How to Find Out Your Significant Others Ring Size Secretly

Aug 27, 2021

man placing an engagement ring on a woman’s finger

If you’re looking to buy a ring as a  surprise for your significant other, you may be worried about trying to choose the correct size. You’ll want the ring to fit perfectly the moment they slip it on their finger, but how can you find the perfect size without them catching on to what you’re doing?

At Pompeii3, we’ve been crafting and selling rings to our customers for over 100 years. Needless to say, we’ve learned a few tricks along the way to help aid customers in finding out a ring size secretly. By carefully implementing one or more of these ideas, you’ll be able to buy a ring with confidence knowing that it will fit like a glove the moment they put it on...all without them catching on!

We asked a few of our team members at Pompeii3 how to find out a ring size secretly, and here are some of their best tips.

Ask Surreptitiously

Have you thought about simply asking your beloved what their ring size is? Depending on how you frame the conversation, you may be able to do so without sounding too suspicious. This is the most direct method (and can yield the most accurate sizing), but can also be the most dangerous of giving away your plans. Proceed with caution!

Ask a Friend

Our number one tip on how to find out a ring size secretly is to ask a trusted friend for help. It’s possible that they already know your significant other’s ring size, or if not, they can find out without sounding too suspicious. Of course, they could always take a trip to the mall together and “just happen” to pop into the jewelry store to try on a couple of rings. This reconnaissance can pay off dividends if they can pull it off without giving anything away.

Size an Existing Ring

If your loved one already has a ring, are you able to size it without them knowing? If they leave a ring in a jewelry box or bedside table, you can trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper. Then, you can use our handy sizing chart to help you find the sizing match for a perfect fit.

Compare Hands

couple holding hands

If you’re running out of options of how to find out a ring size secretly, you can also try to compare the size of their finger when placed up against one of yours. Using this eyeball comparison can at least give you a ballpark idea of what their ring size is, ensuring that you won’t be too far off. Just find a way to do so without looking too awkward!

Pompeii3 Is Always The Perfect Fit

In the end, as much as getting the proper size is important, choosing the best ring at the best price has to be your primary objective. As such, there’s no better place for you to shop than Pompeii3. Our team of experts creates rings for men and women that are affordably priced and exquisitely crafted. Look at our bridal collections and see for yourself. Plus, if you happen to order the wrong ring size, our generous return policy means that we’ll help you make it right. You can’t lose!

If you still have questions about how to find out a ring size secretly, contact our team today so we can help give you more advice!