How to Find Your Wedding Ring Size

How to Find Your Wedding Ring Size

Oct 28, 2020

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When it comes to your upcoming wedding, you’ve already chosen the spouse that’s just right for you. However, there’s another important choice you’ll want to make... a wedding ring size that’s just right for you too! Figuring out how to find your ring size may not rank high on your to-do list right away, but it should be. Hastily measuring your finger at the last minute without taking the proper steps first could cause you to end up with a wedding ring too big or too small for you. Finding out you have an ill-fitting ring right before your big day is an unnecessary source of stress you just don’t need. Pompeii3 has been selling our rings directly to our customers without a brick-and-mortar location for over 100 years. Because of this, we never have the opportunity to measure your wedding ring size ourselves. However, we’ve crafted a simple method for how to determine your ring size at home, which is actually easier and more accurate than you may think. If you’re wondering how to find your ring size, here are the steps you need to ensure you find the perfect fit.

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1. Decide What Finger You Need to Size

Traditionally, the wedding ring has been worn on the ring finger (the finger adjacent to the pinky) of the left hand. The traditional explanation for the choice of the left hand is that it’s the closest hand to your heart. Although this is the finger that most people will want to size, make sure you’ve decided this before continuing with how to determine your ring size.

2. Measure Your Finger at the Right Time

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How to find your ring size isn’t simply an issue of how, but it’s also an issue of when. The reason? Your ring size can vary during the day for a number of reasons, causing you to end up with a wedding ring too big or a wedding ring too small. Keep in mind:

  • Your fingers will typically shrink slightly in cold weather.
  • Your fingers will typically swell in warm, humid weather.
  • Your fingers can swell due to a strenuous workout.
  • Your fingers can swell due to an excess of sodium intake.

To get the perfect measurement, avoid eating salty foods for several hours. Make sure you’ve been indoors and have been in a room-temperature environment for several hours. While these are often overlooked components of how to determine your ring size, they’ll help ensure that you have the most accurate fit possible.

3. Sizing With Another Ring

If you already own rings (such as your diamond engagement ring) or have the ability to borrow some rings, how to find your ring size just became even simpler. The easiest way to find your ring size is to use other rings as guides. Slip each of them on and off of your finger until you find the ring that glides over your knuckle cleanly and sits on your finger without spinning. When you’ve found the ring that’s most comfortable, use our handy sizing chart to match the shape of the ring with its corresponding size. Presto! You’ve found your wedding ring size. It couldn’t be easier!

4. Take Your Own Measurements

Yet, how do you determine your ring size if you don’t have another ring to serve as a reference? You can actually use a thin strip of paper as a reference. Wrap the paper around the desired finger below the knuckle, taking care not to wrap it tightly. Now, measure the paper in millimeters, and use the above chart to find your size. Although some people find measuring their finger with string is a bit simpler, we’ve found that it’s not as accurate, yielding a wedding ring that can be too big or a wedding ring that can be too small.

5. Visit Your Local Jewelry Repair Shop

Are you still nervous about how to find your ring size? We understand! You can always go to a local jewelry repair shop and ask if you can use their ring sizer. This process will take only a minute or two, and the trip may give you the peace of mind that you’ve chosen the correct wedding ring size.

Choose Your Wedding Ring From Pompeii3

When you’re looking for wedding bands, make sure you view our extensive selection at Pompeii3. Did you know that most jewelry stores only carry two ring sizes — 7 for women and 10 for men? This means that most likely your ring will end up having to be resized, adding additional cost and extra effort to your purchase. One of the advantages of ordering from Pompeii3 is that we not only know how to determine your ring size, but we also carry most wedding ring sizes in stock. When you shop with us, our customer service team makes the process quick and easy, with a multitude of sizing options to fit your needs. Have questions about how to find your ring size? Contact us today! Our team is standing by and wants to help!