Ice Cold Diamonds & Warm Fiery Rubies: Winter Jewelry for Your Collection

Ice Cold Diamonds & Warm Fiery Rubies: Winter Jewelry for Your Collection

Jan 7, 2021

woman with diamond ring holding hot chocolate

As the leaves change color and the weather gets frosty, many people are switching over to their winter wardrobe. While some prefer frosty hues reminiscent of the snow outside their windows, others love to throw on deep reds, forest greens, and navy blues to chase away the winter chill. Whether you prefer the light or the dark, Pompeii3 has jewelry for winter to match with your cold weather aesthetic. Explore everything from ice cold diamonds to fiery fine ruby jewelry to find the perfect winter gemstones!

  1. Diamond Queen

Diamonds are always a classic choice, regardless of the season, but they’re especially great for setting off neutral winter wardrobes. Frost yourself in everything from diamond studs to diamond bracelets, and transform into a frozen winter queen with sparkling icicles to match your cool hued clothing.

Many people also find the holidays a good time to announce their commitment and prefer to show their love with diamond engagement rings. If you’re considering a romantic winter wonderland proposal, there’s no better way to surprise your significant other than with a diamond to add to their collection of jewelry for winter.

  1. Sky Blue Topaz

topaz and diamond pendant in white gold

There’s a certain blue hue that the sky transitions into during winter which has always reminded us of blue topaz jewelry. Here is a sky that is just a shade darker than the untouched snow that coats our lawns. Bring a little bit of that big sky into your wardrobe when you choose topaz as your main pick for jewelry for winter.

Another color that complements more neutral tones, pair this winter gemstone with snow white turtlenecks, taupe trench coats, and cloudy grey cardigans. The sparkling azure stone will stand out like a diamond in the rough against those lighter tones.

  1. Frosty Tanzanite

If you thought topaz was the perfect blue hue for winter, you must have forgotten all about gorgeous tanzanite jewelry. More rare than diamonds, tanzanite is something truly unique to have in your collection of jewelry for winter. If you’re looking for something a little more saturated than topaz, but not quite as dark as sapphire, tanzanite offers you the blue-violet you’re looking for to offset iris, indigo, plum, and lapis clothing.

  1. Fiery Ruby

ruby and diamond halo earrings

Much of this fine fashion jewelry is ideal for people who wear light colors during winter, but ruby is really the stone you want for darker wardrobes. Discover scarlett earrings, bracelets, rings, and pendants when you shop the entire ruby collection at Pompeii3. 

We often choose white gold to highlight this vermilion stone, but we also have rose and yellow gold pieces available to ensure there’s something for every style.

  1. Verdant Green Emerald

Another stone that perfectly complements bold, rich colors is emerald jewelry. It’s also a reminder that warmer, greener times are ahead. Shamrock, pear, and harlequin green gems are here — and enhanced with diamond accents to prevent you from sinking into the depths of winter gloom.

Ready to add some new jewelry for winter to your collection? Shop Pompeii3 today for pieces designed and manufactured by our in-house experts!