Tips for Tastefully Pairing and Stacking Diamond Rings

Tips for Tastefully Pairing and Stacking Diamond Rings

Aug 20, 2020

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For some brides-to-be, the best way to ensure they have engagement and wedding rings that fit perfectly together is to get a matching bridal set. These stacking diamond ring duos are specifically crafted to pair up together, and they’re sold together so they fit like a glove.

However, there are many women who prefer to create their own unique set by choosing their engagement ring and wedding ring separately. By making their own combination, they’ll be able to distinctly match their own unique tastes and personality. There’s only one small problem: not all fine rings stack well together to fit nicely on the finger. So the question arises: how to stack rings that start separate but make a brilliant match? Here at Pompeii3, we have experience answering questions like this. After all, we’ve been crafting unique diamond rings for over 100 years! We’ve asked our experts to list their top tips for how to pair rings tastefully and elegantly.

Start With A Solitaire (Or Something Similar)

A solitaire engagement ring is one singular diamond mounted on a simple band. Think of a solitaire engagement ring as a blank (but beautiful) canvas on which you can create your own diamond bridal set. You have a seemingly infinite number of options for how to stack rings due to the smooth, plain nature of the solitaire band. For instance, you can choose an eternity ring, wedding ring guard, or milgrain band (to name a few).

To Solder Or Not To Solder?

If you’re wondering how to pair rings that fit perfectly flush without moving, consider having the rings soldered together. This straightforward process can take two individual rings and make them one singular, stunning piece. Your local jeweler can typically solder rings together for a low price, making it a simple solution for how to stack rings effectively.

Go Two-Toned

The conventional advice of the past has typically been to make sure you match metal colors between your engagement ring and wedding ring. Thankfully, this idea is changing, and the two-toned look is trending. Imagine a white gold engagement ring surrounded by an exquisite rose gold wedding guard enhancer. Mix and match to your heart's content and experiment with how to pair rings creatively until you find your perfect look!

Consider Colored Stones

Consider this riff on the two-toned motif: instead of different colors of metals, how about different colors of gemstones? By matching your diamond engagement ring with a wedding band that features rubies or sapphires, you’re creating a kaleidoscope of colors that will only serve to enhance the brilliance of your diamonds.

Make Your Selection From Pompeii3

When you’re creating your own personalized set of stacking diamond rings, you want to choose from a company that can provide excellent products and services at a reasonable price. Thankfully, Pompeii3 fits the bill! We have a strong grasp of how to stack rings beautifully, and we have both the jewelry and the expertise to help you create the bridal set of a lifetime. Have questions about our selection? Contact us today and we’ll be glad to help you!