Your Ultimate Guide to Layering Necklaces & Jewelry

Your Ultimate Guide to Layering Necklaces & Jewelry

Apr 11, 2023

woman wearing three layered necklaces

Are you interested in elevating your wardrobe or switching up your style? You don’t have to go in for a complete overhaul right away. Sometimes, experimenting with your accessories is enough to help you develop a new aesthetic!

The first step to exploring unique accessory options is taking inventory of the pieces you have and thinking about how you currently wear them. Next, you’ll want to start thinking about fashion trends and consider styling that has longevity, ensuring you can wear the same look for years to come. One trend we’re seeing that seems to be here to stay is stacking and layering. Whether it’s earrings, rings, or necklaces, it looks like mixing and matching jewelry is catching on fast!

We love layering jewelry because it allows you to wear more pieces at the same time instead of leaving your favorite items behind in an organizer box collecting dust. But there’s still some art to how you layer necklaces and other pieces of jewelry because you don’t want your chains getting tangled, stones scratching one another, or a design that just doesn’t look good.

Wondering how celebrities and stylists make layering look so easy? Check out our guide to layering necklaces!

1. Play with Necklace Lengths

The length of each chain is a critical part of how you layer necklaces. Your shortest piece should always be your foundation, but it should also be at a flattering length that elongates your neck and torso. You’ll need to experiment a little to find the best length for your body and test pendants and chains out to see what works for you. This layer is your base, and every piece after that should be longer.

2. Finding Balance

Whether you layer two necklaces or five, there is still a balance you need to discover to keep your look aesthetically pleasing. So how do you layer necklaces correctly? We recommend leaving about two inches between each chain for those looks that have three or four pieces to keep the layering subtle and delicate. If you’re only wearing two chains, you can opt for something a little more dramatic with one base pendant and a second, much longer piece.

3. Less Is More

While layering jewelry does encourage you to add more to your look, you still want to create an effortless ensemble. If you’re wearing too many pieces, everything could end up feeling messy and disorganized — like you’re trying too hard to make all these disparate pieces work. If you’re not sure how to layer necklaces, start with just two pieces and make your max three to give you room to explore.

4. Chain & Design Matter

layered necklaces with unique pendant shapes

Choosing the right pieces to go together is probably the hardest part of learning how to layer necklaces. Too many pendants, and they’re all battling for attention. Using just chains? Your layering will probably get lost in your blouse.

If you’re wearing three pieces, we recommend wearing bolder styles for the top and bottom while keeping the middle necklace clean and simple. We also recommend just wearing two necklaces at a time because you can balance two unique styles and allow the focus to shift between them.

5. Add Color

Like in fashion, neutral colors work for everything, but placing color in a key spot really takes your style to the next level. If you’re looking for a few pieces that add color, consider gemstone pendants in hues that complement and contrast with your favorite clothing pieces. Wear these paired with other necklaces in neutral black and white to draw attention to the colored gemstone first.

6. Unique Shapes

From crosses and circles to waterfall designs, paying attention to which shapes go together is essential to how you layer necklaces. You can freshen up your pendants with a new chain or ensure layered necklaces match by moving pendants from chain to chain.

Why Layers?

In addition to being super on-trend, layering necklaces can enhance your outfits. You can wear an essentially simple look, like a tee and joggers, and add sophisticated accessories to make the look appropriate for a night out. Wear your layered necklaces and a pair of heels with your comfiest outfit, and you’ll be ready for cocktail hour! You can also use layered jewelry to make your formal attire stand out. If you’re wearing a gown, consider wearing a choker necklace with a second, long pendant to add movement and variety to your look!

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