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Fine Fashion Jewelry

When you’re looking for the best online jewelry store in America, your search should begin and end with Pompeii3. For over 100 years, we’ve been helping our customers make precious memories with our unique, American-made jewelry. Whether you’re browsing rings, necklaces, earrings, or even our clearance diamond jewelry, you’re sure to find something that will thrill you...or the one you love!

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Girl With Tops
Diamond Ring

Lab Grown Diamond Rings for Every Occasion

Save money (and the planet)! Browse EX3 diamonds.

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Diamond Stud

Diamond Studs: A Girls’ Best Friend

Classic. Stunning. Awe-inspiring. These are just a few of the adjectives that describe Pompeii3’s handcrafted fine diamond earrings. And, when you match our beautiful earrings with scintillating EX3 lab created diamonds, you have a match made in jewelry heaven. Our studs make exceptional diamond gifts, and they’re a phenomenal way to treat yourself too!

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You’ll never find a more timeless piece of fine fashion jewelry than round white diamond stud earrings. These are a go-with-anything classic that will never go out of style. Of course, that’s especially true when you purchase from the diamond authority: Pompeii3!

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Make an environmentally-friendly choice without compromising on the beauty and integrity of a diamond. Get lost in the scintillating beauty of our lab grown diamond studs. The EX3 diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined a fraction of the price.

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Looking for “something blue”? How about something subtle but stunning, like our blue diamond stud earrings? Most customers are unfamiliar with blue diamonds at first, but we know it will be love at first sight! Like all of our American-made jewelry, each piece is made to exacting specifications to ensure you get the best diamonds at the best price.

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Shop Black Diamond Studs

Exotic black diamonds take conventional wisdom about diamonds and turns it on its head. Black diamond stud earrings are both intriguing and mysterious when compared to the classic white stones most of us are used to. Trust us, all it takes is one look, and we know you’ll fall under their spell!

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Heirloom-Quality Fine Fashion Jewelry

Each piece from Pompeii3 is handcrafted to last from generation to generation.

Diamond Stud

Breathtaking Pendants

If you’re searching for a piece of jewelry that can convey deep meaning and significance, diamond pendants are the ideal choice. With so many unique designs available, you’ll find the perfect piece to convey your message of adoration.

In fact, if you’re browsing for unique anniversary gifts, we recommend that you take a peek at our three-stone pendants or diamond halo pendants. Want to give a message of hope and healing? A diamond cross pendant is a fantastic choice. With so many handcrafted pieces from Pompeii3, the only limit to your options is your imagination!

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Shop Solitaire Pendants

Diamond solitaire pendant necklaces are the singular sensation of fine fashion jewelry! Each pendant consists of only one diamond, but each stone is handpicked by our craftsmen to shine all on its own. You’ll never go wrong with a diamond solitaire pendant when you select it from Pompeii3!

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Shop Three-Stone Pendants

Past. Present. Future. Our three-stone necklaces are a testimony to the eternal nature of love. Remind your loved one of your time together, and offer the promise of many more years to come. We know they’ll fall head over heels in love with the designs of our unique three-stone diamond pendants.

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Shop Gemstone Pendants

Diamonds are wonderful, but what if you prefer fine fashion jewelry that’s a bit different? Browse Pompeii3’s amazing selection of gemstone pendants that feature royal blue sapphire, fiery red rubies, deep green emeralds...and so much more! Our collection of precious and semi-precious gemstone pendants spans the colors of the rainbow.

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Shop Fashion Pendants

Your tastes are unique, and what do you do if your jewelry tastes don’t fit in the typical genres? We think that jewelry should be as individual as you are, which is why our women’s fashion necklaces run the gamut with a host of one-of-a-kind designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Our eclectic collection of fine fashion jewelry pendants are so jaw-dropping, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one!

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Women With Rings

Stunning Bracelets

You may not know the difference between a backhand and a forehand, but it’s easy to see why our diamond tennis bracelets are some of our most sought-after pieces here at Pompeii3. Each bracelet features a dazzling amount of diamonds that will defy even your wildest expectations. 

Present an anniversary gift that she’ll never forget with a stunning tennis bracelet featuring handpicked gemstones. Of course, you don’t need a reason to buy one of these stunning finds. They’re perfect for any occasion...or even “just because!”

Browse Tennis Bracelets

Gemstone Jewelry

Ever since tennis star Chris Evert wore her famous bracelet, white diamond tennis bracelets have become a fine fashion jewelry sensation. Thankfully, you don’t have to be on the court to appreciate its luxurious beauty! It’s the perfect piece for either a night out on the town or a casual event.

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Drop and Dangle Earrings

For a tennis bracelet with a twist, check out our handcrafted blue diamond tennis bracelets. By using conflict-free blue diamonds, we’ve created a unique spin on the long-time classic.

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stackable rings

Black diamond tennis bracelets deliver a dose of something beautifully unexpected. We start by using our classic tennis bracelets, then we use alluring black diamonds to create something magical. The final result? You’ll never want to take your eyes off of it!

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custom jewelry

Searching for a tennis bracelet that delivers on value, beauty, and style all at the same time? Our gemstone tennis bracelets are fine-fashion jewelry at its very best. Choose from a kaleidoscope of colors to find the bracelet that fits your peerless sense of taste.

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Choose American-Made Jewelry. Choose Pompeii3.

Over 100 years ago, Pompeii3 started with a simple goal: to produce amazing jewelry at reasonable prices. Times may have changed over the years, but our commitment to excellence has never waivered. As a family-owned company, we treat every customer we serve like they’re part of our extended family.

When you purchase from Pompeii3, you’ll find the highest quality jewelry at prices that won’t break your budget. That doesn’t mean we cut corners! We stand behind every sale with our industry-leading warranty. Once you shop with Pompeii3, we know you’ll see the difference!

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